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Such a nice feeling to literally not care at all anymore. As if I needed any more reason to stop caring.

But it’s over. Things are finally looking up and this school year is going to be flawless. Not making that mistake and falling for it ever again, and not letting it bring me down. I’m over it completely, and it’s the best feeling in the world.

theardentphoenix asked: Sick blog, awesome background.


Thank you so much!


”’I’m really not a cat person”’

but their feeT LOOK LIKE BEANS


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oh my god i was looking at facebook and there was a pic posted of my cousin Barry’s birthday cake the other day and like, you know those weird little letter things you can get to put on cakes to spell out “happy birthday” and stuff? well they did that for him and they added his name but were one R short so he ended up with a cake that said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARPY” and i absolutely cannot stop laughing about it

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